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40 Pictures

..for 40 weeks of pregnancy

40 Weeks - 40 Pictures
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This community was created to post pictures of yourself or your wife/partner of your/her body changes during pregnancy. If you're a photographer and want to post pictures of your models, please do so with permission from the model.

I have taken quite a bit of time to catagorize posts into weeks. Please post how many weeks pregnant you are pictured so that they can be easily put into memories.

**On Memories: Please take note that when looking through memories the LJ-CUT tag is stripped. Therefore, you may see nude photos. However, it's a neat thing! If you're 12 (or however many) weeks and feel smaller/bigger than you think you should be you can compare to other women at that same time period.

This is an art forum, there will mostly likely be nudity in this community.

LJ-cut is not required if your post is nude, however, if you have more than one image please lj-cut after the first or second one. Thanks! (:

1. Please do not harrass the posters. If you feel you are being harrassed please contact me at scarlete@livejournal.com
2. No text only posts.
3. Please do not advertise your community.
4. I welcome and adore posts from women who have had their baby/ies and would like to show off their "final product" as well as birth stories. However, I ask that this be limited to one post.

Moderators are scarlete and custard_kisses